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D-Link DNS-343
Part # 10186464  
Manufacturer D-Link  
Manufacturer Part # DNS-343  
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ConditionBrand New and Factory Sealed 
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Review Date: Mar 30, 2009

S Thomas

Strengths: Easy To Configure

Weaknesses: None So Far...

Summary: This product works as advertised. It is easy to configure and seems to be stable. Raid 5 for a great price. D-Link Quality

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Review Date: Mar 12, 2009


Strengths: Easy to set up. Quiet. Works as advertised.

Weaknesses: Drives are dependent on DNS343 unit to be recognized even in Standard mode. Face plate slips off very easily when picking up the unit.

Summary: Was dissapointed that even in Standard mode (not RAID or JBOD) reading the drives is dependent on the DNS343. Should the unit malfunction, your data is lost. I bought this expecting it to function as a 4 drive SATA enclosure with network connectivity. It does not. It was a breeze to setup and works as advertised but I should be able to 'cold swap' by shutting down the unit, removing an individual hard drive from it, connecting it internally via SATA, and still have my data be read and vice versa. ANY drive which is connected must be formatted for the DNS343 to read it. This makes sense for RAID or JBOD, but not for Standard. When formatting the DNS343 takes up a lot of space for the format, close to 15% on my 1TB drives lowering the capacity of each to less than 800GB.

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Review Date: Mar 05, 2009


Strengths: Small footprint, lots of features, easy to setup.

Weaknesses: A little slow to bring disks back online. Tech info, front panel.

Summary: Setup system with four 1TB Seagate NS drives RAID 5. Formatting was fast and system has worked flawlessly. Lots of features to include DHCP server. Two small things, first the setup mode offers the choice of two file systems but the screen or the choices are not mentioned in either manual. Second, the front panel opens by sliding up. This is OK, but most people will tilt the unit forward when they plug in the power cord or CAT 5 cable. When you do this, the panel pushes up and comes off. Small problem, just beware. One last note, the first unit front panel was DOA, the RMA process was quick and flawless. Lot of thanks to Erie for their excellent customer service.

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